Blogmas Day 10: Booster and change of plans

After getting our boosters today The Mr and I walked through Cross St Market. Brian had not been there since they opened after renovating. And since Miss Zee was at the groomers it was the perfect time for him to check it out. Of course the donuts were what caught our eye but we also […]

Blogmas Day 9: One pair down and another started

As predicted correctly for once I managed to get the socks off the needles. The ends need weaving in and then they will get blocked. I was finishing up a netflix true crime so I started my second pair. These will also be a gift. I’m using some Knit Picks Felici self striping yarn that […]

Blogmas Day 7: Down Day

Today was a work day… and a busy one at that. So today’s post is going to be a short and sweet one (the sweet part will be questionable). I had started this brooch in early fall but only this week figured out how I wanted to finish it. I liked the idea of taking […]

Blogmas Day 6: Yarn by Spinnit

Today Nancy Newman dropped off her yarn to sell at Mark Supik and Co’s holiday shop. I got a good look of her gorgeous hand spun yarn when we shared a table together at the Fredrick Fiber Festival early last month. When talk of the holiday shop began we knew that we wanted to include […]

Blogmas day 2: Too Many Projects. Not Enough Time

Today I got a very overdue hair cut. As short as I keep my hair, it’s gets quite noticeable and unruly when I let it go. So new hair until after the new year. Since the hair cut took a good chunk of the morning I did not get a ton achieved today. The photo […]

Blogmas 1: Giving it a go

Long time no post. It’s been a while but it’s been pretty busy around here. I have a bit to talk about but also have had a hard time getting into the swing of posting. To combat this… and to give myself a little challenge I decided to participate in a blogmas this year. I’m […]

Framework Bralette and Holiday Gift Project

Shortly after finishing Vellichor and having a whole skein leftover, I wanted a quick weekend knit to use up the yarn rather than throw it back in my stash. I had been eyeing up patterns by Jessie Maed Designs for some time now. Several of their designs would make good wardrobe staples that can be […]

New Drum Carder

This week was the Mr. and my wedding anniversary. As crazy as things have been we really did not plan to do anything nor talk about gift giving and such. While we are not much of the surprise giving kind of couple the Mr. did hit me up with a big one this year. I’ve […]

Vellichor and Travel looms

After over a year I finally finished a project I started right after the start of lockdown. My Vellichor sweater, a pattern by Andrea Mowry, was knitted with Cascade Heritage Solid in charcoal (the main color) and Miss Babs Yummy 2 ply in Joan of Arc. The pattern originally called for three but I thought […]

Zee Zee Anniversary and Darning Update

The first of May marked Zee Zee’s fourth anniversary with us. We celebrated the week letting her decide on what routes to go on our morning walks (though that seems to be a regular thing these days) and a trip to a local pet store to pick out a few treats. We even made the […]