Let’s try this again…

Hello again, friends. It’s been a really long time. The year had a rocky start that kept me from keeping up with posting. I did miss the doing so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. There is quite a bit to catch up on. I’ve been all over with crafts. A little knitting here and there, a lot of spinning… more than usual in fact and making my own inkle loom for band weaving.

I also got a new tool to help make it easier to make blog posts and finally editing my web site. I recently got a MacBook Air with the help of the Mr. I have been without a PC or laptop for a number of years and have been doing all of my internet work on my iPad. It’s great for Instagram and Twitter but not the easiest tool to use for the website. Even Etsy is a challenge. It’s my first Mac so I have so much to learn.

I hope to be keeping up with regular posts but in the mean time here is a silly little gif of one of my knitted bunnies. I thought I would try to see how small of an item I could add articulation to. With the help of a pipe cleaner I made this little guy. All of his limbs and ears can pose. The gif was created by me and the Mr poking and prodding the Mac and what it can do. It’s something little but it made us chuckle. It would be fun to give more of this silliness a try in the future.