New Year and New Finished Object

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t think it’s too late of a thing to say… yet. I hope everyone had a relaxing and safe holiday season. I dropped off at the end of my Blogmas posts because things got crazy busy. I finished my one holiday gift (which I’ll talk about in my next post) and I finished my sweater. As stated in a previous post this is my Kamome sweater. I had hoped that it would have been my Christmas sweater but sadly it did not dry from blocking in time. I had given what I thought was plenty of time to block it but it was so incredibly cold that week that it did not dry until Christmas Day. After eating the lovely dinner my mom had made, I sat down and wove in all of the ends. Thankfully I did get to wear it New Years day.

So here are all of the details again for anyone just checking in now:

Pattern: Kamome

Designer: Naomi Shiraishi

Yarn: Jill Draper Makes Stuff, Mohonk; Cyan is the main color and Sandstone is the secondary

Looking back at my records, I had started the sweater in September of 2019. I will spare you of all of the boring and overly dramatic details but it had been taken apart a few times for various reasons. In early 2020 I had tucked it away I think because of the frustration that it might need to be taken apart again and because I was not happy with the bunching of the color work section. I had spared it in previous dissections. Fast forward to late 2022, I wanted to start another sweater using the yarn that I had spun for Tour de Fleece but felt a bit guilty having this sweater in limbo. I pulled it out to either frog or finish but after looking at the sweater again for the first time in a couple of years I decided to just continue it, crossing my fingers that the color work would work itself out in wet blocking (I was right). It still gave me a few frustrations towards the finish line but in the end I’m so happy with it. The yarn itself knits and wears like a dream and really took the beating of being re-knit several times like a champ. No weird fuzzing or pilling. The yarn remained soft and squishy each time it passed through the needles. I would definitely love to use this yarn again.

Photo from late 2019. Wip with a vintage kokeshi I had just received in it’s collar.

I have not really thought too much about what types of projects I would like to tackle this year. I purchased a pants pattern after the new year to get back into sewing. There are also a few sweaters I would love to make. Add a few new items to my closet. Another thing would to be explore tapestry weaving a bit more as well as spinning. Also maybe give entrelac (aka satan in knit form) another and like it this time. I’m just going to go with the flow and see what the year brings me.