Blogmas Day 19,20&21, Food!

The last couple of days involved a bit of cooking. I have finally started baking some cookies. Today I made two batches that I’m pretty happy with. The first batch was a basic batch Toll House. I just followed the recipe on the back of the package. It’s the type of chocolate chip cookies that my mom always makes. They are easy and both me and The Mr enjoy them.

The second batch was some simple Biscottis. I followed the classic recipe from this blog post on Kristine’s Kitchen Blog. The recipe was straight forward and easy to follow and they turned out great. They are tasty. I would like to try some of the other varieties in the recipe. Sadly I have just enough to give out at work so I will have to make another batch so we can have them with our holiday coffee.

I also cooked up a savory dish this week. I love frittatas and I love a food “formula” over a recipe. So this blog post on How to make a Frittata from Budget Bytes is my usual go to when I have some veggies and or a little meat that I have to use up… also having a ridiculous amount of eggs in the fridge like we did this week is also a good motivator. While there is a recipe, there is also a guild on how to put together your own and mix it up. I recommend it if you want an easy but seriously tasty meal.