Blogmas Day 23, Christmas Eve Eve

Today was another busy day. Unfortunately our morning walk was just gross. Terribly cold and and rainy… again. The rain did not last long and later in the morning the sun came out. Though no amount of sun helped with the cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder than today.

I ran several errands that included a few stores and the post office. I stopped by my parents and spotted the ornament I talked about in last night’s post. The photo above is of the lovely couple. They are from a trip to Romania that my Aunt Madeline went on decades ago before I was born. I believe everyone in the family got one. As I said in my post yesterday, it’s one of the earliest ornaments I remember from my childhood and I’m quite fond of it. My parents have a lot of really old but interesting ornaments and they all have a story that my mom happy tell when they are pointed out.

I finally blocked the sweater this evening. I hope to wear it on Christmas. Hopefully it will be dry by tomorrow night. Depending on how cold it is I may be taking a hair drier to speed up the process. I also finished the Bowie cross stitch. I washed it and so I just laid it out to dry so that tomorrow it gets to be ironed and framed. Huzzah!!