What’s On The Needles

If I’m totally honest I have too many wips to count on the needles right now. I’m sure others can relate and the struggle is real. I was hoping to clear up some of my needles and project bags this year but alas that did not happen. I did manage to drag one project out […]

Sophie Scarf and Bubble Tea

I discovered this lovely scarf while I was checking out the Knit Club Instagram one late August evening (I need to join Knit Club…check them out if you don’t know about it). They had posted a scarf that one of their lovely community members had just finished and I was completely charmed by the design. […]

Tour de Fleece 2022…Sort of

I’m stepping back in time by a few months to talk about me unofficially taking part in this year’s Tour de Fleece. I remember on an early July 1st morning, sleepily looking on instagram and my blurred vision seeing spinners mention that today was the first official day of Tour de Fleece. An almost month […]

Diy Inkle Loom and Band Weaving

About a few months before the pandemic hit and lock down happened I had discovered a link on my phone that I had saved to make my own inkle loom. I had never heard of the loom until Nancy Newman brought her adorable handwoven sheep key fobs to sell at the MD Sheep and Wool […]

Let’s try this again…

Hello again, friends. It’s been a really long time. The year had a rocky start that kept me from keeping up with posting. I did miss the doing so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. There is quite a bit to catch up on. I’ve been all over with crafts. A […]

First FO of the Year

I have a finished object to talk about. I needed (or wanted) a new winter hat. I had been wearing my Best Beret all through autumn but wanted something to cover my ears. I pulled out a pattern I had my eye on for quite some time. It’s the Elephant Hat from a knit wear […]

Holiday Round Up and Holiday Gift Knits

Long time no hear. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I decided to take a break after Blogmas. My holiday was lovely and a little extra quiet this year. Nothing special happened other than relaxing. The Mr had some extra time off to use up so we mainly spent it at home. On my […]

Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve

This will be a sleepy post since I’m up a bit past my bed time. Today was very busy after all. We did need to go out after all but not for much and luckily everything was close. I finished our wrapping and got some cooking done. Later in the afternoon we went to my […]

Blogmas Day 23: Christmas eve eve

Today was a rather busy but unfestive day. Instead of working on socks all day I had to make a small batch of masks to sell at our neighborhood cafe, Koba Cafe. Since the early part of the pandemic I have been making small batches of mask to sell. Aadam the owner of the cafe […]

Blogmas Day 22: Miss Zee’s new bed

Sorry for the not so great quality phone photo (despite having an iphone 13) but it was too cute not to talk about. For the past two weeks, Miss Zee has decided that the new tree skirt is now her new bed. She has a bed of her own and has free rein of the […]