Blogmas Day 22

I added this year’s new ornament to the tree. My little characters Antonio and Kazu as Christmas spirits. This was a fun project I started in September. They are super silly and fun and a total accident because their final form was not what I had originally intended. As ornaments they were inspired by an ornament of a couple that you drape over the branch that my Aunt Madeline brought back for everyone decades ago in one of her travels. It’s one of the earliest ornaments that I can remember as a kid. My Acorn Twins ornament were inspired by that design as well. It’s a fun design that I’m quite fond of. I will have both brooch and ornament versions in the shop in the earlier part of January.

Today was our holiday party at work. We started the day giving the shop a good clean up… as well as sneaking in one last job in for the year. For lunch we were treated to an awesome lunch from Inca Chicken in Highland Town. Out of all of the Peruvian Chicken restaurants in Baltimore (and there are a lot) this has to be my favorite place. I’ve always had a good meal there. My coworker and family friend Viv made devil eggs and an interesting but really good coleslaw (I want the recipe). It was just a great lunch.

Despite how miserable it was weather wise, it was a lovely day. We got to leave early. As soon as I got home after a very wet walk I went right into the gift project. I have a day to work on it. I’m feeling a little better about it… as long as I don’t run out of thread. It just seems like there is always something with this project.