Blogmas Day 21: Holiday Socks

Holiday pile-o-socks fresh after a good washing. Here is a small stack of holiday socks that I’ve knitted over the years. Some were knit intentionally for the season and some were accidental. Meaning that I bought the yarn for some every day socks and discovered after they were knitted that they did in fact make lovely holiday socks. I have no plans to add to the pile this season but maybe next year. It’s not like I have much time left anyway.

No photos of a completed wip sock. Work was quite busy so I barely found spare time to knit on them. This evening I did settle down to finish the toe.

After listening to last week’s Stuff You Missed in History Class: History of the Nutcracker I was in the mood to watch it. It had been years since I last saw any version of it. I had learned that Maurice Sendak did the set and costume design for a Seattle production in the 80’s and was in luck to discover that a movie version was available on Prime. It was a charming watch so I would recommend it if you like the Nutcracker and have not seen this version. I did manage to get the toe done after all…. Except for the kitchner part. I’ll wind down the rest of my evening in bed with that task and cast on for the other sock.