Blogmas Day4: We got ourselves a tree

Hearing about a potential tree shortage people are expected to experience this holiday season, I feared that we would not be able to get one easily. We don’t own a car, nor drive at all (I’ve never even sat on the driver’s side of a vehicle before), so getting one home in the city can be a challenge. We had a few places close to home that were selling trees as a fundraiser, like the South Baltimore Little League (where we got our last year) sold out in a single weekend. So a little stress of not getting a tree this year loomed over our heads this week.

This morning we lucked out. I received a call from my mom who was passing through the area, that our local Ace in Federal Hill not only had trees for sale but a good number available. We ran down with Miss Zee and there they were. They did in fact have a good number of them and they had a good variety of sizes. While we paid one of the staff members trimmed the trunk for us and off we went. Thinking this was going to be a two person job, instead The Mr carried the tree the entire 10 min walk home.

It’s now sitting waiting to be decorated which I think we’ll do tomorrow. The house smells amazing though. You honestly can’t beat a real tree.