Blogmas Day 6 & 7, Catch up

Yesterday we gave the store at Mark Supik and Co a little holiday treatment. So the shop feeling a bit more festive now. There are several really lovely items in the store this year. I added some of my crochet hooks which were not available last year. Mark added several gorgeous hand turned Oak Bowls (The photos do not do them justice). He also has several adorable holiday ornaments. I hope to get one for our tree this year.

The shop is at 1200 N. Macon St and is open during shop hours, 8am-4:30 pm. If you’re planning on stopping by and hoped to see anything specific from my Etsy shop drop me a message here or on Etsy. I’m at the shop on Mon and Tues.

Today we got our tree. This year it seems that places to get trees are pretty limited compared to years past so we went pretty early to get ours. It’s not put up yet but I’m pretty excited for when it is. It’s looks pretty lovely as is… and a bit larger than any of our past trees. But we’ll be getting up in the next day or two. I hope we have enough ornaments for it.

I picked up an old cross-stitching project that is a holiday gift I started last year. My homemade holiday gift list is pretty small this year so I’m pretty confident that I can get it done. But you never know if I get inspired at the last minute to throw in a gift or two.

The photo above is a ridiculously huge candy cane shaped doughnut that I got while the Mr and I were checking out the new Giant foods that opened in the area. Miss Zee was getting her holiday trim at Groom Haven (she’s clean and trimmed and as always super adorable) so since the Mr had not checked it out we thought we would give it a look. I got this insanely huge doughnut. It was good for your average doughnut. It went well with my eggnog coffee.