Blogmas Day 5: We have lights and old cookbooks

We did not manage to decorate the tree today, but we did mange to get the lights on. We got a smaller tree than last year but figured we would use all the lights we have. So this tree is packed with colorful lights. While most of what we have are LEDs, I can’t have a tree with out my old fashion bubble lights. This was one of those traditions that I brought with me since we moved in together.

I had some left over apples from Thanksgiving to use up so I pulled out my old forth edition, 1956 copy of Betty Crocker. This was my Aunt Madeline’s copy that my mom passed on to me. She got this in 1961. I know this because she dated everything… and I mean everything. I do have a copy of the book from the 90’s, which was a much less adventurous but more convenient time food wise but both copies have this recipe in it and it’s is pretty much the same. Though my 90’s copy doesn’t talk about Phyllis Berg (aka Mrs Herbert A. Berg) of St Paul MN who is “known for the many ‘goodies’ she serves to friends and neighbors”.

This book isn’t as customized as my Aunt’s Betty Crocker Cooky Book, which I will talk about later this week when I start on my holiday baking. So it’s in pretty good condition besides the occasional pencil mark… or paperclip to attach a recipe from a newspaper to it, which the Cooky Book is just loaded with.

Since this weekend was more on the busy side we treated ourselves to an early afternoon coffee at our favorite local cafe, Koba Cafe. Both days I spotted a knitter in the wild. Of all of my years living here I have never actually seen anyone other than me knit in public so I certainly had to start a conversation. He was knitting his first pair of socks. Thinking this was his first project I was corrected today when he said that he was wearing a sweater that he knitted. It’s great to find knitters in your area. Good luck with your socks, sir!