Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve

This will be a sleepy post since I’m up a bit past my bed time. Today was very busy after all. We did need to go out after all but not for much and luckily everything was close. I finished our wrapping and got some cooking done. Later in the afternoon we went to my parents for dinner. My mom prepared lasagna and other goodies which were very tasty. She always seems to out do herself. Then followed that up with a couple of movies.

The Mr, Miss Zee, and I then went home where we made popcorn (despite being stuffed) pulled out the new puzzle we bought for New Years and watched a live Chocopro (something my sister Cait and I have been watching). I would say it was a busy but fun day.

Oh, in case you have been following along on my sock saga, it is finished… almost. I just need to steam block it in the morning. It’s the most I’ve ever knitted in a day.

Now for bed.