Blogmas Day 23: Christmas eve eve

Today was a rather busy but unfestive day. Instead of working on socks all day I had to make a small batch of masks to sell at our neighborhood cafe, Koba Cafe. Since the early part of the pandemic I have been making small batches of mask to sell. Aadam the owner of the cafe was kind enough to let me display them there. Over a year later and Baltimore still has a mask mandate in effect so surprisingly mask are still in demand. No complaints if I’m honest. While I had hoped to avoid the topic altogether things in the world have not been so great. I’m glad that the people in my neighborhood are still wearing them. So if you are looking for masks, Koba will have a small batch starting tomorrow.

After making masks, running to the post office and running out to get last minute gift cards I did eventually sit down for a bit of time to work on the second sock of the gift pair. I got a little past the heel flap and gusset decrease. I’m getting there. Now it’s just knitting a long tube. Did I mention that the size I was knitting for was a men’s US size 12. The last pair was 11.5. I have a lot of big footed people in my family.

Tomorrow I finish up wrapping gifts and do a little cooking. There will be a moment where I’ll feel like I forgot someone or something and may need to run out one last time. Cross fingers that I don’t. Such an exciting holiday prep… not.