Blogmas Day 11: Puzzles and Puzzling Costumes

Today The Mr, my dad, and I went out to the Canton area to do a bit of shopping. I got a little holiday shopping done and we managed to get our Christmas Eve puzzle. Several years ago we started a tradition of putting a puzzle together on Christmas Eve. When it started it included my sister who also love puzzles but since the 2020 she hasn’t been able to come into town so The Mr and I have taken over the tradition for now. Pretty excited about this one.

Not my photo… but I’m pretty sure my brother and I were too terrified of this costume to wear it let alone get a photo of us wearing it.

Now for something completely random and not holiday related… at least not this upcoming holiday. After our trip to the store I was helping my mom get some more holiday related items out of hiding for her. We stumbled across some old costumes that my brother and I had wore as kids. Our trick or treating days were in the late 70’s and 80’s, so the kind of costumes that came in a box with a mask you could barely see out of and a plastic onesie. Garfield the cat and Bugs Bunny to be precise. We had others but I’m pretty sure they were long gone. My mom remembered an inflatable one that she swore she still had. I remembered it but nothing more than sort of picturing it in my head. At that point it was time to go home, so we went.

This evening I got a call from my mom saying that she found the entire costume and that it was called Kooky Spooks. Of course I had to go down a rabbit hole to find out more. It was easy to find people and blogs talking about them but not a lot of serious information. One of the only few facts that I remembered that only one person mentioned was that they were designed by the same artist who designed the wild packaging for the Dudley Egg dying kits in the 70’s and 80’s. Supposedly this was considered a safer option to wear at night than the plastic masks that were popular at the same time. I don’t ever remember wearing it or seeing my brother wearing either except when we rediscovered it in the late 80’s. The photo above is the exact one we have. Sadly without the packaging, which I actually quite like. We have a few glass mannequin heads that would help turn the head piece into a cool halloween decoration.