Blogmas 2022; Another year and Potpies

Another holiday season has begun. For those in the US who celebrate, did everyone have a lovely Thanksgiving? Has everyone had a chance to catch a breath? My Thanksgiving was lovely and my mom made an incredible dinner.

I decided to try again at Blogmas this year. I did pretty well keeping up last year. There may have been a hiccup or two but it did help me get into the holiday spirit and helped me remember that I had a lot to look forward to. Like last year I feel like I am winging it again… but maybe just a tiny bit more prepared this time. We’ll see what the next twenty five days brings us.

To start the season off I made a potpie for the first time in a very long time. I had a hankering for one after finding out that my sister made one for her and her husband’s Thanksgiving dinner. I did not have particular recipe on hand so I turned to google to find one. I knew that after wrestling with two pie crusts last week I wanted something a bit easier so I looked for one with a puff pastry top. Almost right away I found this one from Taste of Home. While the puff pastry made it a lot easier, I forget how much time it takes to make one. Despite this, I have to say it is really really tasty. Well worth the work. I’m not sure if I will do the lattice topping next time. I may just use a single sheet of the puff pastry instead. Either way I will be making this again. Highly recommend.