Vellichor and Travel looms

After over a year I finally finished a project I started right after the start of lockdown. My Vellichor sweater, a pattern by Andrea Mowry, was knitted with Cascade Heritage Solid in charcoal (the main color) and Miss Babs Yummy 2 ply in Joan of Arc. The pattern originally called for three but I thought that the variegated colors in Miss Babs was plenty. The photo above is a close up of the texture… because it’s the best part of the pattern.

The pattern itself was clear and easy to follow. It was a basic knit bottom up construction and the stitch made it interesting. Easy to remember but it was just complicated enough to keep me on my toes from time to time.

After knitting it off and on for a few months, I had gotten to a point where I could try it on and I was kind of not feeling it at first. The body was shorter than I had liked, knowing full well that 1) the sweater was not blocked and 2) I used a superwash yarn which is known to stretch when being blocked. Despite knowing this I tossed it aside for several months. After finally finishing and blocking it I actually like it and will be happy to wear it when it gets a bit cooler.

Now that I have finally made a blog post about one finished object, I’m just about to take my most recent one off the needles. The above photo is a pic of the yarn I used. I had a whole skein left of the Cascade Heritage so I decided to dye over it for a project. I have this love for dyeing bright colors over dark gray fibers. This particular dye is very bright but over gray it creates this jewel tone effect. I’m really happy with how this yarn turned out. I should have a post soon about this latest project.

I just updated the shop with a new batch of loom kits. The photo above is the latest batch of mini skeins that you can choose from for the kits. They were dyed up by local fiber artist and friend Nancy Newman of Spin it. She provided the photo above and I thought it was too pretty to not share. Here is a link to the sale page.

I may not have mentioned this here but for any local friends who want to purchase one and live in the Baltimore area, I do have a few local pick up spots if you want to save on shipping. That goes for anything in the shop. Just message me ahead of time so that we can see if the locations I have worked out will work with you. As for international friends, I currently do not have international shipping available on my shop at the moment but I would be happy to investigate it.