Ultra Man to the rescue

My first mend for the month is an “ultra man” plush that I had made and given my brother as a holiday what feels like eons ago. I want to say that he was one of my first knitted plush projects. Up until then I was mainly crocheting all of my plush. While I can’t follow a crochet pattern to save my life I can free form or make my own “patterns” if you can call them that. At the time I was the complete opposite with knitting. So this was my first time getting the courage to combine plush and knit.

Looking at this guy there are a lot of things I would have done differently. I have learned a lot since then. Using a plyed yarn rather than a single would have been one of them. There is not a lot of structure in single ply so this guy is really floppy. I was hoping to get him to stand up and pose… but he would not have any of it. Saying all of this there are some things that I see and think “how did I manage that?!”. So seeing him now I’m still pretty proud of the work.

This guy had an issue with his neck… something that was most likely caused by the fact that at the time I was a bit lazy with my weaving ends in and\or the weakness of the single ply yarn. He also needed a color timer. Something that is pretty important to all Ultra Men but I somehow missed (again lazy perhaps?). How would he ever know when he runs out of energy?!

This fix was pretty easy. I resewed his neck and used some lovely handspun that I thought matched pretty well to knit him a timer. He looks pretty complete now. I think my brother will be pretty happy with him.

Speaking of plush, while I was doing some never ending spring cleaning I found these old DIY stickers that the Mr and I made. Back when I was doing conventions we tried to come up with all kinds of small items to sell and at the time I had gotten this adorable little sticker maker. The photo of one of my plush was taken by the Mr in the back yard of the house we currently live in. It’s telling to us how long we have been here. This is just a neat little piece of nostalgia that I found.