Framework Bralette and Holiday Gift Project

Shortly after finishing Vellichor and having a whole skein leftover, I wanted a quick weekend knit to use up the yarn rather than throw it back in my stash. I had been eyeing up patterns by Jessie Maed Designs for some time now. Several of their designs would make good wardrobe staples that can be worn alone or layered. I decided to go with the Framework Bralette.

The pattern looked intimidating at first. It’s a fitted piece so there is a bit of time spent to figure out your size. I get easily overwhelmed with fitted knits, but the instructions were really thorough and easy to understand. After a few measurements and a swatch I had my size figured out in no time.

The pattern itself was easy to follow and enjoyable to knit. It wasn’t a completely mindless knit but I easily found my rhythm knitting it. I finished the piece in a couple of days… but of course let it sit a few extra days before weaving in the ends and blocking it. I will say that since blogging again I’m more motivated to actually finish my knits. I can really let a pile of knits sit for months (or more) before finishing them.

Anyway, I would totally knit this again. I even have some yarn picked out for the next one. For me this will be a piece for layering up when it starts to get cool. Especially after a day of working or running errands.

The photo above is a before and after of the yarn I used after over dyeing it from grey. I like dyeing bright colors over darker yarns. Colors that are usually really bright on light or bleached wools tend to turn almost jewel tone with the darker yarns. I love the effect. (The yarn is being looked over by a figure from my toy collection that I had out at the time to take photos of)

In other crafting news, I tend to be a last minute gift maker when it comes to the holiday gift giving season. This year I’m trying to change that, so when I spotted this pattern on etsy I thought this was a good time to start. I’ve only done a little bit of cross stitching but I do find it relaxing and pretty addicting. This is a design that I thought a music loving relative would like. I’m all for a challenge and it’s going to be huge so it’s more motivating. So far I have not been advertising the blog much so I’m not sure this relative will stumble upon it so I may only post bits and pieces as I finish it. I’m pretty sure if they saw it they will know it’s for them. The stitches above were done over the weekend so I have a long way to go. Wish me luck!