Blogmas Day 7: Down Day

Today was a work day… and a busy one at that. So today’s post is going to be a short and sweet one (the sweet part will be questionable).

I had started this brooch in early fall but only this week figured out how I wanted to finish it. I liked the idea of taking knitted color work patterns but making them out of cross stitch. I also found a gem of an app for people who love playing with pixels called Pixel Art. It’s the simplest app with out all of the bells and whistles but you can just play with pixels and make your own images (or cross stitch patterns) or take existing photos and pixelate them. I used the app to play with colors for this design.

This was a fun little project. The cross stitching part was relaxing. It was also my first time doing a beaded edging. There are things I would change if I was to do this again next time but I’m happy with the results. I’m a bit wild for brooches and have a small collection. I’m all about making them in all different forms at the moment.

Now i’m off to wind down with some Animal Crossing and maybe some cross stitch.