Blogmas Day 18

Let’s be honest, I should really be calling this blog Zee Zee’s blog. This was a photo taken this morning at the park. I was teasing her with leaves. She makes the greatest faces. If you can’t tell, it was just a beautiful morning but was also very cold. We are expecting some pretty chilly weather this week… maybe a little snow as well. Could be a white Christmas if we are lucky.

Here is kind of reveal of the cross stitch project I’ve been working on the last two holiday seasons. I say “kind of a reveal” but most people will know that this image is pretty iconic. The big Bowie fan in my life is my brother Steve. He has several things with this image on it so I think he will like it. I decided to take a photo of my progress five days ago. You can see that I really tore through it today. Am I feeling any better in whether or not I can get it done? I’m having a hard time keeping track of how many days until Christmas. I will still have to wash it, dry it and frame it so who knows. I’m still going to plow away at it and hope for the best.