Blogmas Day 11: Gift project day

Besides a sore arm from our booster shots yesterday, both The Mr and I were actually feeling pretty good. Though I had anticipated it being a down day, despite feeling pretty good I decided to camp out under the kotatsu and work on some of my gift projects. For most of the day I worked on headband number one. In the evening I worked on the cross stitch piece. Two out of the six pattern pages are complete. I got a good portion of both projects worked on.

Not the normal type of thing I would post about but the packaging on these products get me every time I order from them. I had to restock a few of my beauty products from Meow Meow Tweet. The first item I got was the Juniper Carrot Seed face oil. I’ve been using this as my daily moisturiser since spring of this year and love it. The next items is their Repair Balm. This is my second tube. I use it on anything and everything. If my face is feeling a little dry during the day I will dab a little on. Works great on dry elbow and hands as well. The last is their limited edition Violet Leaf Pinyon soap. This will be my first time trying it out. Right out the bag the smell is pretty strong but it contains bergamot, which I love. Soap scents tend to mellow on me after i use them so I think I will be safe with this one. I look forward to using it. Not a sponsored post… I just really like these and want to share a tiny portion of my face care. Also the packaging is the best. Cute and clever.