day 20


the morning started out lovely. we got together with my brother’s family and that included little miss p, to go to breakfast at a local spot, rallos. i was really in the mood for pancakes so that what i got. the food was good, filling and most likely not the healthiest, not that i cared this particular morning. it was cold so i wanted something that would keep me warm.

the rest of the day was spent knitting and cooking, with a tiny nap in between. i made the attempt to make sweet potato chips. they were quite good and very hard to put down. i almost ruined my appetite for dinner which was oyakodon (yeah right, like that was going to happen). i did manage to burn one batch but they turned out to be pretty good when dipped in hummus. i’m going to try other veggies next weekend. maybe some turnips and carrots.

btw, there was only one shop update. the rest will put up this week.