2020…am I right?!

Hello again? It’s been a number of years since I last made a blog post of any kind. I found myself favoring the convenience of quick posts on Instagram. Because of current world and local events, and life decisions I had recently made I thought it would be a good time to start blogging again. I originally started blogging back in Feb ‘06 and continued until Jan of ‘13. There were a couple of years in between where I challenged myself to post every night. I don’t quite think I’m ready to take on something like that right now. Just going to take my time to become comfortable posting and getting used to the changes Word Press now has available to make it easier to do so.

I don’t have solid plans on what will be posted here at the moment but I’m hoping that at some point you can come back here to check out various craft tutorials and shops updates. I would also love to highlight some of my favorite artists. Supporting small businesses and artists is more important than ever and I would love to share some of my favorites.

For now I’m going to stick with the going’s on in my life. I want to keep track of current and past projects. Make me a bit more accountable to finish things when I let it be known I’ve decided to take something on. This might also encourage me to slow down and focus more. Something I certainly need right now.

To end this post I’ll talk about the little girl in the picture above. Meet Zee Zee! She is a Tibetan Spaniel who came into our lives in late April 2017. She was rescued in Kuwait by a local organization Wings of Love, Kuwait. She loves cheese, belly rubs, and walks (though despite being from Kuwait, after spending a few winters here in Baltimore she is not a fan of summer). She is a just the sweetest but definitely a girl with a mind of her own. We are just crazy about her.