Blogmas day 2: Too Many Projects. Not Enough Time

Today I got a very overdue hair cut. As short as I keep my hair, it’s gets quite noticeable and unruly when I let it go. So new hair until after the new year.

Since the hair cut took a good chunk of the morning I did not get a ton achieved today. The photo above is a prep for getting the loom kits together. Every year or so Mark Supik and Co. in Orangeville opens the office up for holiday shopping. This year you can get locally made items from me, Mark Supik, Mark Supik & Co. and fiber artist Nancy Newman. There will be a lot of lovely items available and local friends will be able to see and purchase them them in person. I’ll let everyone know what times the store will be open to shop.

Since there isn’t a lot of holiday stuff going on today here are a couple of projects that I’m in a mad rush to finish. The knits above is a pair of socks that I’m making for my Uncle Ed. He’s an amazing local wood carver. These aren’t a holiday gift but they are a project that I started a few months ago but had to pause to prepare for a local fiber show last month. The first completed sock was knitted twice. The fit wasn’t quite right so I decided to frog the whole thing and start over with a larger stitch count. The second version of the sock has since been tried on and it’s a perfect fit. So now I’m plowing through the second sock. The charm indicates my starting point this morning. Not bad while waiting to get my hair cut. I hope to have these off the needles this weekend. Wish me luck.

As for the yarn I’m using, this is a Bluefaced Leicester nylon mix that I dyed myself. This is my favorite yarn base for socks. It’s not quite as soft as merino but it holds up a lot more. I’m hard on my socks so I’ve had to do a bit of darning on most of my merino socks but the BFLs hold up like a champ.

Another project I am racing to finish is this cross stitch piece I talked about in September. I got quite a bit done but I am far from finished. Again, like the project mentioned above I had to take a break from working on it a bit. Now I’m chiseling away at it each night. Another one I’m going to need a little luck with.