Blogmas Day 10: Booster and change of plans

How cute do these mochi donuts from Blowfish Poke and Grill look?!

After getting our boosters today The Mr and I walked through Cross St Market. Brian had not been there since they opened after renovating. And since Miss Zee was at the groomers it was the perfect time for him to check it out. Of course the donuts were what caught our eye but we also treated ourselves to their loco moco and shrimp tempura. Everything was very good.

I love mochi donuts. The only time I’m ever able to get them would be when we visit New York City, at Zaiya Cafe. It’s dangerous knowing that some place local has them. I can eat them forever.

Slight change of plans for holiday knitting. I’m putting the new socks on hold and got another idea. Right now the plan is to knit two Sugar Headbands. The pattern is by Julie Wilkens. We’ll see how it goes. This involves purling which I’m pretty slow at but I have gotten the hang of the pattern. Not sure how I’ll feel tomorrow. The past two vaccine shots only took me out for about a half of day so I may give myself a little down time to get in a ton of knitting.