Blogmas 1: Giving it a go

Long time no post. It’s been a while but it’s been pretty busy around here. I have a bit to talk about but also have had a hard time getting into the swing of posting. To combat this… and to give myself a little challenge I decided to participate in a blogmas this year. I’m going to attempt to blog each day. Some things will be holiday related, some may not. I’m just going to share a bit of my everyday while I prepare for the holidays. Some of these post may be on the longer side but some may just be a photo here and there. We’ll see what the mood brings us.

Today’s post isn’t quite holiday related but I’m going to share a lovely package I got in the mail this week. Over the years I have built up a small collection of Japanese knitting/crochet books. The design and look of these books tend to catch my eye. I would love to share some of my favorites from my collection but I’ll talk about the two I just received.

The first one is 働くセーター (Hataraku seta) or Working Sweater. I discovered this book on one of my many moments spent on Instagram. The designs are pretty simple in style but the kind that I feel most people should have in their closets. While you would think the sweaters are more on the basic side they are just so lovely and warm looking. Definitely the type to keep you warm in cold work environment. I kind of want one of each design. I particularly love the vest and cardigan. I added these to next year’s knit list.

The book is lovely in design and the photos are beautiful If anyone is interested in checking out more if their beautiful photos their instagram account is kn.holys. I highly recommend taking a peek. (IG does have a translate option under foreign language posts…or at least mine does)

The second book is on the total opposite scale design wise. This one is titled かたちのニット(Katachi no nito) Funny Shaped Knits. This is just chock full of unconventional sweater shapes and constructions. As much as I love the more conventional styles of the first book, I can absolutely see myself knitting a few of the ones in this book. And again this one also has lovely photos.

Both of these books were purchased on Etsy through Pomadour24 . Before buying, I had looked around at other shops I had purchased books from in the past and found that Pomadour’s prices are quite reasonable compared to the big box online book shops. The mark up was not as huge as I expected from smaller book shops. I recommend checking our her shop if japanese craft books ever peaked your interest.

*As of this post Japan is only shipping out express so shipping is a bit pricey but it is super fast and very secure.