Blogmas Day 22: Miss Zee’s new bed

Sorry for the not so great quality phone photo (despite having an iphone 13) but it was too cute not to talk about. For the past two weeks, Miss Zee has decided that the new tree skirt is now her new bed. She has a bed of her own and has free rein of the […]

Blogmas Day 21: Holiday Socks

Holiday pile-o-socks fresh after a good washing. Here is a small stack of holiday socks that I’ve knitted over the years. Some were knit intentionally for the season and some were accidental. Meaning that I bought the yarn for some every day socks and discovered after they were knitted that they did in fact make […]

Blogmas Day 20: Finished socks

Here is a pair of finished socks that will be going to my Uncle Ed tomorrow. He had tried one of them on when I was still working on them, so I know that they fit. I hope he gets good use out of them. I don’t really follow a sock pattern but more of […]

Blogmas Day 19: Another gift finished

Another gift is finished. This is also a head band but this time it’s a modified version of the Cecilia Baby Headband . I had made this headband before for myself after seeing a ravelry user post their modified version. The major change they did was the stitch count and that was all they posted. […]

Blogmas Day 18: Walking with Miss Zee

Not too much of a post this evening. Spent most of the day working on holiday projects but not getting much done… or at least it felt like it. Here is Miss Zee in her adorable red hoodie resting her chin on a mini bridge we cross on some of our morning walks. For reasons […]

Blogmas Day 17: Holiday project update

The Sugar Headband is finished. I really like how it turned out. So much so that I want to make one for myself. This one is for my mother. She prefers headbands over hats. I think this will be stylish enough to wear with her outer wear. Again the pattern is Sugar Headband designed by […]

Blogmas Day 16: A walk through the neighborhood

The neighborhood has out done itself this year. This was our first view on our walk this evening. Lights everywhere. Some houses have animated light on the sidewalks (which Miss Zee does not care for). So many lovely displays. I feel every year they can’t decorate anymore and then we have this neighbor… The entire […]

Blogmas Day 15: Tis that time of year

While looking through old photos to check and see what yarns I dyed up for past holiday gifts I realised that I seem to have a pattern of taking the last ten days before Xmas to dye and knit a rather large gift. This year is no different. We’ll see how this year’s gift goes. […]

Blogmas Day 14 :New Ornament for the tree

A lot of ornament a tree talk these last couple of posts but, I spotted this little guy in the window of Curiosity in Harbor East shortly after Thanksgiving. I walk by the shop in the morning to meet my coworkers for a ride to the shop. I thought he would be a perfect addition […]

Blogmas Day 13: Pug face and thorns

As it was a work day here is another glimpse at the tree. Our super silly pug pipe cleaner ornament. It’s a simple little ornament but we love it. I purchased it years ago from Etsy. You can find a lot of homemade gems there.