Happy Belated Holidays and Happy New Years


I had made a post over on the doll blog yesterday but thought I would post here as well. I hope everyone a wonderful holiday. The Mr and I had a lovely time and like every year I was given a nice long break. I got to spend time with my family, including my sister who was visiting from GA and ate way too much yummy food (I honestly do not think I ever heard my stomach rumble the entire time I was on vacation)

I thought that 2013 was good to me for the most part. I was able to design and knit some more detailed doll pieces, wrote my first pattern that was to be knitted by others…. And not a bunch of number and measurements. Actual instructions to follow (even made a little zine for it). Two of my own doll knits even won first and second place in the dolls and bears category at the MD Sheep and Wool festival. So I think it was a pretty exciting year.

I have a ton planned for this new year so I am excited. I think I can do it as long as I can keep away from the internet and other distractions. I realized that the big difference between me and the incredible people I admire and watch is that they don’t waste time… So I’m going to work on keeping busy.

The picture above… These little Fuchiko-sans are working very hard to make sure I’m enjoying my holiday coffee xmas morning. I really can not explain what they are other than I had been seeing loads of these little girls on Instagram for the past few months. Curiosity got the better of me so I looked them up. They are コップのフチ子, koppu no fuchiko or “Fuchiko on the edge of a cup”. The Mr must have sensed my interested because seven of these little ladies from the coffee series were in my stocking xmas day. I think their main purpose is to put a smile on your face… Or at least that is what they did to me.

And now I leave you with P-Chan ending 2013 with a bang….
He really knows how to party.