Tiny 1/3 scale mittens

It’s that time of the year where I feel like everyone I know who knits is making mittens. The weather is slowly requiring them ( unless you are living Baltimore this week…ugh) and they make great last minute gift/quick projects depending on what yarns you’re using. I have made an insane amount of mittens in all my years of knitting. Wrist warmers (the trimmed down version of mittens) were the first project I ever did when I was learning to knit in the round. Despite this I have never made a pair of doll mittens. I’ve made a single mitt in various sizes here and there but I have never finished a full pair of mittens for my dolls.

Seeing all of the lovely finished mittens on instagram and tumblr put me in the mitten making mood so I wanted to give and 1/3 scale or SD size a try. I did not modify a pattern this time around. I was just using what I knew about mitten knitting, decided what type of thumb to use and just started knitted away. Notes were made through my Noteshelf app on my ipad (I seriously love this app).

I won’t go into all of the boring details but I posted the basic info on my ravelry project page. After completing this pair I have totally went into a serious mitten frenzy. I want to just knit all of the mittens.