Tiny hat is tiny, aka Pure Neemo sized houzuki hat

Late last year I had knitted two Houzuki hats. One for myself and another as a holiday gift for our Japanese instructor Yoko-san. I really loved working with this pattern. As I may have said before the pattern was really easy to follow and the lace pattern was simple enough to memorize but challenging enough to keep me interested. A few weekends ago I was in the mood to try another scale challenging project and turned back to this pattern because of the reasons I loved it so much.

It’s knitted on 0/6 and 0/5 sized needles and I used some merino webbing that I had on hand. I really did not have to change much of the pattern except I took out a pattern repeat (doing six out of the eight that was required). I also dropped one of the laced fruits. The hat was a bit slouchier than I had wanted so I think next time I may skip an extra fruit. Even with the changes I made the hat and lace pattern still looks to scale. Or at least in my opinion.

Ugh, using the smaller sized needles with this yarn was a pain. I had knitted the twisted ribbed band with the 0/6 and the needles did not like it one bit. There was a lot of praying that stitches were not dropped. I feared having to fish them back on the needles. Luckily that was not the case and after switching to the larger sized needles it was smooth sail onwards… Or as smooth as micro knitting can get.

I’m really happy with the end product and I can not recommend this pattern enough, human size and neemo size. I posted all of this and a few extra details on my Ravelry page. I will be knitting this again for sure.