Happy Thanksgiving! And oh looky, an update

To all of my friends who celebrated I hope you had a great day yesterday. My day was spent at my parents over eating awesome foods while watching Marx Brothers movies. Both of my parents are on a Marx Brothers kick at the moment so they had plenty on hand to watch (no complaints from me). It was a lovely relaxing day.

I picked up a new toy this week. I have been wanting an ipad for sometime now but decided to wait until the new ipad mini came out. I found one in stock and took the chance to get it before the holiday rush took them away. I’ve only had it for two whole days and I’m sad to say that I love it…. A lot. I say sad because I’m trying to cut back on internet use and time wasters… This will not be helping me. Still, no regrets. I really can’t give it a proper review but I will say that one thing I do love is the size. The Mr has been using an ipad3 for sometime now and too me it just seemed too big. The mini is perfect for me. My only beef so far is an issue that I (and several others) are having when uploading images for custom wall papers. Hopefully they will fix it some time down the road.

By the way, if you are wondering about the random hand in the photo (doll friends wouldn’t really question this sight) I’m currently working on a pair of SD sized mittens. The pattern is being put together from scratch so we’ll see how it goes.

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