Greg Marsh wants to know if you would like some tea

I’m posting a slightly old photo (new here but old on instagram). Greg Marsh always seems to crack me up on even the worst of days.
-Last night I posted about the hat I had knitted with the span of 24 hours (totally paying for it today) yet failed to post where I found the pattern. The link on the ravelry page was dead but doing a little searching through the comments section some lovely person posted this link for those still wanting to knit the cap. I figured that I would post it here as well. Great pattern and they give you a ton of options to add a bit of variety to the design such as cables or various style ribs. I may attempt to knit this in doll scale when I get a free moment.

This recipe was a tumblr find that I decided to try out. I’m rather fond of chickpeas in pretty much any way they can be prepared. This was a new idea and super tasty. Preparation was fast so if you are a fan I totally recommend it.