Yay! For Friday!

Showing P-Chan off twice this week. This time it’s for the simple fact that I envy him in this photo. I had been wanting to sleep like that everyday this week (he always looks so comfy in his new bed). The week was a killer one and I’m not sure why… Maybe due to the weather. So glad it’s friday. (Sorry for the boring posts this week. I hope to show off some finished items this weekend)

-on a side note… I’ve been listening to Japanese podcasts the last two weeks (it’s been so discouraging realizing how bad my listening and comprehension skills are). I found a few that I really like and they have helped past the time when I was in the paint booth or painting Poe heads. I woke this morning with various “い” adjectives in their negative form randomly running through my head. Thats a good sign right?! Or maybe I should be worried.