Pies and Coffee… in other words food talk

-New pie book purchased in Philly last week

-I finally got my Melitta pour-over porcelain carafe from Fante’s in Philly’s Italian market. This was actually an early, early Bday gift from my mom (I had been debating on getting this or a Chemex for so long now… I can’t believe it’s come to this. I didn’t really start to drink coffee until my late 20’s. Happy with my decision because that Melitta makes an amazing pot of coffee… I kid you not)

-Found a link to this post by accident this evening (I’m not even sure how). I love everything in it. I really want to make the Almond Toffee Fudge. I don’t even care for fudge normally… but it’s almonds.

-There may have been a bit of an over cast the past few days but the weather really has been wonderful. Awesome pie making weather so I hope to muster up some energy this week (hopefully tomorrow) to make some mini pies.

-Going on a day trip to NY with EatToast and the Mr this Saturday. Very spontaneous decision that was made while shoving Chirashi in our faces during our Ota Victory Dinner at Matsuri. The idea started as us talking about how New York is awesome and too close to not to go to more often. With a huge smile EatToast said “this must be a thing. How do we make it happen?!!”. So it’s going to be a thing now. The three of us will be bumming around NY eating all the foods and shopping all the shops.