Another Little Photo Dump

After Friday’s little experiment post (which they all posed for btw. I’m not that cruel) I will be making less of these rather large photo dumps. I think being able to blog on the spot from my phone will encourage me to blog more often.

Anyway, these are some of the photos I took the last several days. The photo above is the awesome vehicle I was was riding in to go to the sunday farmer’s market. A 1953 Chevy 1 ton panel fire truck. It’s actually the shop’s delivery truck that my uncle owns. Sweet Ride!

Fig season is here!!! Last year after tying some Black Mission Figs for the very first time that a customer was kind enough to bring us at the shop, I had fallen in love. Sadly the season for that love is quite short around here. I spotted and grabbed a box of the ones picture above at Whole Foods (I know, broke my local fruits only pact… they were from CA;_;) and ate these lovelies with goat cheese (omg so good). Then when that sweet ride (above) stopped by the house sunday morning inside was a huge container of locally grown BMFs from the same lovely customer from last year. He had told my uncle “we have thousands growing. Come on over”. Now I have to come up with a way to eat them this week (other than raw) so that they don’t go bad. I found a few tart recipes that sound really tasty that I may give a try one night this week (I’m so behind on my pie making).
By the way, I found it interesting that the figs I purchased at Whole foods had a slightly tougher skin than the ones I got that were grown locally. I would imagine it was to make them less delicate to transport. Maybe they are a hybrid of sorts(?).

Out of branch buttons again. Found a much easier way to drill hole into them this time around. It took half the time.

An instagram buddy requested mohair teddies with hearts on their bellies. This was just a test so I’m waiting back to get the okay before I start on the next one. I have a jar crammed with mohair scraps waiting to be made into teddies and bunnies. I have a photo idea that will require serveral dozen of these guys. I have a big project ahead of me.

(a lot of negative space… sorry about that)
Me at 8am this morning heavily modified (messing around with photo apps again). Bed head (for whatever hair I have… that I’m going to say needs a good trimming. Luckily next week), bags under the eyes and my new glasses. The eye doctor said that despite taking a few decades of a break to have my eyes examined my eyes were in great shape. My far sightedness is fantastic but for the up close work I need glasses. He said that he gave me the lowest prescription he would ever write (my left eye is weak so my eyes kind of battle it out when I want to focus on something really small). I stink at self portrait photos by the way. I only used this because I was feeling rather humorous this morning.