Otakon Weekend Photo Dump

I had made a quick post the other night on the doll blog. I have a few doll photos but I thought I would post them another night. I figured that this evening I would post a few silly photos from this past weekend. I didn’t take a lot but the ones I took are silly and fun. Don’t get your hopes up though. None are of me… except for the leg on the bottom of that top photo.

Warning: the photos were taken on my phone. While they look super awesome there… they look “meh” on the computer. Sorry about that. I didn’t grab my proper camera this convention.

So… The photo above is me and Kelsey aka EatToast. She foolin’ around on the Ipad while I’m sewing labels on to teddy bear hats and sweaters (man, do I love that red sweater). Miss Syd is playing Katamari Damacy in the back ground. By this time of the day we were both pretty much through with it. Before getting my prereg, the Mr and I had sadly just returned from attending a funeral and wake earlier that morning and an eight hour viewing the night before. EatToast on the other hand had just spent three hours getting to know the downtown area pretty well while getting lost going to the convention center… she didn’t make it. Yeah we were pretty much done with the day. We had fun that evening though. Btw, Kelsey has been wearing that Katamari Prince well before I had known her. Two successful face transplants later he’s still kickin’.

Super Art Fight was preforming this year. When EatToast and SAF are in the same building Stompadon appears. Unfortunately Daisuke my Modded School A was it’s first victim. Daisuke said that he would never again attend these horrible conventions.

Stompadon was kind enough to help me and the Mr out while I decided to walk around the Alley… the big jerk killed my display by the time I got back. (actually it was close to breaking down time that Saturday night… oh, and note the paper hats on all of the boys… Again EatToast’s doing. When doing shows with her these things are expected… even when her table is on the other side of the room-_-‘).

Miss Syd wore my Tony Tony Chopper Kigurumi all weekend. Yes it is a thing and yes it is mine…

I did not buy a lot this year… I really mean that. I got two things out of the dealers room:

Ookii and chibi Kotetsu. The big Kotetsu is a kit… kind of like a Gundam model. I haven’t put a Gundam model together in years… and this has so many pieces;_; (I still love it)

And gifts, trades and purchases from the Artist Alley<3

Not a lot but all will be well loved. Both the AA and the Dealer’s Room were pack. We had a steady stream of people the whole weekend. It was hard to walk away and shop.

Anyway good convention and seriously silly time… and soooooo tired. May try to plan a one day adventure in NY with Miss EatToast before she goes back to school.

Posting this very late by the way… Not a good time to post so I know I’ll be making a ton of corrections in the morning. I apologize in the mean time if the mistakes make your eyes melt;_;….