Better Late than Never… oh and Pies!

Checking my blog it has been a while… Just a small list of things that have been going on since my last post about bean sprouts:

-In April I was posted in the artist spotlight for the Highland Town Arts group or ha!. You can read the post here. That made me pretty happy (By the way the entire article was written by the Mr. He made me sounds a lot cooler than I am but I had problems writing about myself and could only come up with maybe two sentences at the time).

-The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival came and went. I was with Mark Supik and Co again. This year I sold thorn brooches and crochet branch hooks while sock darning, yarn spinning, wood turning and nostepinne winding was being demoed. I tried very hard to restrain myself from buying too much this year but I did come home with some lovely fibers and a new set of Signature Stiletto Doublepoints to try out (A pricey experiment but so so worth it… I don’t normally like metal needles but I adore these).

-Work has been crazy busy and we have some really great new people working with us at the shop.

-Now on to the pies. Not a whole lot of pie making… yet, but I’m planning them in my head. I have to admit that I’m more of a pie person than a cake person. They are a bit underrated, aren’t they? It’s also really hard to find what I consider a really good pie around here. I don’t mind cooking and do quite a bit of it during the week especially since most of our food comes from the local farmers market and needs to be prepared. But I really don’t care for baking and I really do not like making pies. I’m trying to change that and have decided to master pie making. I’m going to try to make at least one pie a week and try as many varieties and crusts I can find. The photo above is attempt #1. I kind of decided to tackle pie making this past weekend so I didn’t have much to start off with. Just some left over fruit from the saturday and sunday market and what ever I had sitting in my fridge and pantry to make a simple crust. My mother, the cookbook goddess lent me a fantastic cookbook to get me started. This book has the best tips and has been a good read so far. I went with the All-Butter Easy Pie Dough and even on my first try (and even after thinking I over worked the crust at some point) I made some the best pie I’ve had in a long time. The crust was crispy and flaky and the filling was one I threw together at the last minute. I used strawberries and black raspberries (tasted like candy on their own I tell you!) with some sugar, lemon and flour (to thicken). I only managed to make three mini pies but boy were they good. I will be trying this combo again. Maybe a larger version of it this weekend. Anyway, it’s just a start. Even though I don’t have a ton of time I’m determined to learn. Hopefully I’ll have more to talk about after each attempt.

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