Hey There Little Girl!

Yeah, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Got a new phone during my recent absents. I’ve been kind of living off of that for a while. I still haven’t gotten a wordpress app for it yet but I should soon. It may help in getting me to blog more. I’m preparing for Katsucon which is less than a week away. It will be an interesting year. Unlike Neko or Ota the Mr. and I will be our lonesome in the AA(we’ll be at table G2… I think. I really should double check these things before posting). After looking at our table spot it seems that I won’t know a single person in my section (grabby hands at Miss EatToast Sorry but no Fusion dance this time folks!). Lots of new people (hahaha). A lot of the same awesome faces will be there so I hope to get a chance to walk around and say hello to everyone.

Anyway, as I mentioned before new phone so new camera. I actually like this one this time around (and I’m kind of addicted to the Instagram). The photos I’ve taken are rather large so I’m keeping them behind a cut. Just a few things I decided to catch while I’ve been gone. I posted most of these on G+ and instagram so if you’ve seen these just move along… I don’t want to bore you all.

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Not sure what brought the urge on but I made another batch. It’s been a few years and I forgot how much I liked making these. What I have are branch hooks made from cherry, peach, juniper and holly branches. The holly was shear luck. As the branch dries the wood shrinks while the bark doesn’t so the two want to separate. Out of all the holly I have I was only able to get one hook out of the batch. The rest will be turned to make acorn charms I think.

New Docs and hand knit socks. This was taken this evening while the Mr and I were on an evening walk to get some ramen. Why is breaking in a new pair of Docs really just breaking your feet?

Fan art by the lovely Camaryllis. I love everything this artist creates and I’ll admit that I’m pretty guilty of reblogging everything she post on the tumbr… with proper credit mind you. I don’t buy a lot of fan art (except t&b… love love) But come on! When do you ever see lhc fan art?… Like never(not like anyone cares)! Seriously, I had to sweep these up as soon as she announced that the set was going up on her shop. Love her version of Niko and Tamiya<3
Mr smoosh face himself. The photo on the right is how he sleeps… and he finds this comfy for some reason. This guy is just too funny to have around sometimes (or most of the time). He never fails to make me smile… unless he’s being grumpy… but even then he’s kind of cute. My parent recently got a new dog. The sweetest golden retriever named Dakota. He and Chan are getting to know each other since they will be spending a lot of time together while we are away at the convention. They are doing pretty good so far but Dakota has a lot of puppy in him and Chan has pretty much lost a lot of his. Luckily Chan is small and has a few hiding spots to run to when Dakota wants to be chased.