Slouchy Wrists

So this is the wrist warmer design I had mentioned in the last post. These are no where slouchy than the man whose pair I used for inspiration (one day I’ll get around to making those) but they are considerably more so than the other pairs I usually make for the Merry Mart. Now mind you, the one shown has not been washed or blocked yet so they are looking a little rough (Also ignore the band aid… I managed to stab myself twice this week at work). It’s seriously magic what blocking does and yet so many skip this stage. Anyway, I’m really happy with them. They kind of have a retro look in my opinion and as soon as I’m finished this black pair I’m taking a break and making a red set for myself.
I kind of want to keep making more (I’m having a blast doing so) but I’d hate to keep making something new that I’m not sure is going to sell. What I love is not always what others love. Should I keep on knitting or go back to making my slimmer design? It’s decisions like this that take the fun out of business… or at least for me that is. If they do well I may dust off the Amubleu etsy shop and put these up as a commission-able purchase. I figure why not. If not I’ll keep making them for myself and I’ll have several pairs in a million colors.

By the way, I seriously need to make these in doll scale. Hito and Aki need a pair…