OMG, a Post!!!

I guess with their time off Kotestu and Barnaby are enjoying the cooler weather in their own little way. Though, seriously, I’m not sure how Barnaby puts up with Kotetsu sometimes. Breakfast is ready and Mr Kaburagi is fast asleep under the kotastu (Kotestu, kotatsu…. get it… never mind…). Btw, I managed to get Kotestu at CCNY and Barnaby at Neko. Lots of silliness to follow.

So speaking of Tiger and Bunny, last night was the Hero Awards 2011 event in Japan and it was announced that starting next year there will be two movies released. Jkihsgdksghbwb!!!!! (so excited). I’m hoping the stories will take place somewhere in the middle of the series (meaning that both Kotestu, Barnaby and the rest of the heroes will be in the films). I’m not quite ready for a whole new cast which is the reason I’m a bit more excited to hear about them making movies than a whole new series. Anyway, yay\o/!

Still haven’t made a Nekocon post… or a CCNY post…. or even our summer NY day trip post. Trying very hard to catch up on things. The Merry Mart will be next month and I’ll be there again this year. Now I’m uping the scale to 100% with the items I’m making. New style wristwarmers (some new cool slouch styles that I was inspired to making after seeing a pair a man was wearing while we were in Stumptown one morning. They were huge and super slouchy and was worn over his leather biker jacket sleeves… Such a cool sight but mine won’t be as big). I also have a few new ornaments which I hope to show off soon. Lots of knitting. Things won’t start to slow down until after New Years and then I’ll be preparing for Katsucon.