It Feels Like Fall Finally…

Just posting in list form. If I type everything out in paragraphs you’re just going to see a bunch of run on sentences…. -_-

-The Farmer’s market now has apples and cider. That being said I made a rather large batch of muesli for breakfasts this week. It’s my first time eating it but the Mr used to eat it all the time and just loves it. It should keep in the fridge for several days… but there is so much. This particular recipe that I followed called for 4 cups out rolled oats. I’m going to see how week it holds up and maybe cut the next batch in half.

-Purchased this Tiny Owls Knit pattern over the weekend. It’s one of her new designs. How cute is that? Looking over the directions and I’m seeing that it’s so easy to put together. I now know what to do with all that left over yarn scraps I have.

More list…. and silliness of course…

-Speaking of knitting… I actually want to make a plush for myself. I want my own life size bunny-chan. Going to buy yarn for it once I get rolling of Kelsey’s Dalek hat.

-…and speaking of bunny-chan…
…I’ve been wanting to use that gif for a while:3. It makes me laugh and laughing a good thing right now.

-Do you ever watch a show (in this case an anime), get through a whole season and a half and then give up because you just can’t stomach watching the rest (it’s just too horrible to complete). Yeah, I’m right at that point with a particular title… I want my time back darn it

-…and speaking of getting my time back… Tumblr I want my LIFE back!! You’ve taken way too much of it as it is with your silliness and your ability to crack me up no matter how I’m feeling at the moment… (*goes away to refresh her dashboard*)

-(*is back) I really want to talk dolls. Need to talk dolls. I have one that I’m putting together… but I want to talk about it.

-Really need a vacation. In October the Mr and I are spending a weekend in NY and later in the month taking a day trip to Philly with my mom. I’m rather excited about this.

-Tired… should go to bed. Third day in the row of five hour sleep (just tried to type “Third” three times but instead all I kept getting was “Thrid”-_-)… going to bed