T&B Fans… It’s Time for a Group Hug XD

Okay… I’m not going to lie. Spoilers behind the cut because seriously, who can keep this stuff in? IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SHOW YET DON”T READ!!!!

(Btw, this post is just chock full of silliness. If it’s not your thing you may just want to avoid)

Okay I’ll admit that after seeing episode 24 of Tiger and Bunny this was me (SZS’s Chiri chan is a bit insane btw). The fandom and interwebs wasn’t fairing as well either. The one place you seriously needed to stay away from was Tumblr… because things like this were being shoved on your face (breaks your damn heart doesn’t it<3... those tears, that tremble in the voice;A;). Who would have thought that "eye lashes" and "fried rice" would have brought a whole community of fan girls to a sobbing mess? It's all in the delivery, I guess. Needless to say I learned the hard way and didn't stay away>_>.

But today’s episode, the last episode of the season and maybe the last, period (second season not yet confirmed) BEST ENDING TO A SHOW EVER!!!! \o/

When we turned it on and watched the recaps of the last episode, with a big sigh I felt like I had finally come to terms with the fact that Kotestu was dead. As awkward and sudden as it was, that was it. The show had done everything right up to that point. No show could be that perfect right? But when the man stood up in the back ground to save his daughter, the Mr and I were both screaming “YES!!!!” with moist eyes and cheering the remainder of the show. His “coming back to life” wasn’t cheesy or over the top but just a simple “I passed out” and “you didn’t bother checking my pulse!” XD Barnaby just assumed that he was dead (shrug… simple mistake when you’re an emotional mess, right?). Anyway, as for the rest of the show, I loved it. You could not end it a better way (well, they could have ended it with Kotestu getting around to trying Barnaby fried rice but I guess I can’t have everything;3). The show’s creators and writers said that the show was about not giving up and friendships and they really got their point across. Maybe this show wasn’t for everybody but seriously for me, it’s been a really long time since I’ve last watched some quality anime. I loved every main character and I was totally glued to the story the entire time. I just hope that if they have a second season that it’s going to be just as good since this one is going to be hard to beat.

Interesting tidbits the Mr found out reading an interview for Otakon’s T&B panel eg: did you know that a main character in his 30’s with facial hair and with a daughter are a big “No No” in Japan and yet Kotestu was hugely popular. Also, every hero was actually sponsored by the sponsors that were advertised on their suits and that because Fire Emblem was an openly gay character one of his sponsors backed out as soon as this information came known to them. I’m sad I missed that panel but Masayuki Ozaki is going to be at New York Comic Con. Maybe I can convince the Mr and Jeniffer to sneak into the panel with me depending on what day it’s being scheduled:3. Now that the show is over… what the hell am I going to do with my saturday afteroons!?

Ugh… now I wish I could say the same with Blue Exorcist. That episode… what the hell was that? It was like I was either watching a totally different show or that they were trying to cram as many chapters of the manga into one episode. I hope to see some kind of improvement next week