Dear Tiger and Bunny…

…we had a good thing going on, you and me. We had our ups and downs but I stuck by you. Tonight though, you’ve upset me. This is unforgivable. You have exactly one week (one episode left) to redeem yourself or I will never talk to you again.


P.S. I mean it.

(Damn you show for being so good. I can’t think of a show I was this much into except maybe Trigun or Bebop. How long ago was that!?.. ugh, I’m going to wallow in some Sengoku Basara while I drown in some lemon italian ice from the farmers market.)

Quick Edit: Uh, anyone reading this through LJ and has not seen episode 24 yet, you may want to avoid the comment section. Save it for after you see it. I just gave away a hint to what happened. It will upset you;A;