Teddy and Bunny… wha???

Um…, teddy wanted to get in on the action. It is no secret that the Mr and I are huge Tiger and Bunny (タイガー&バニー) fans. When our saturdays are free and consist of nothing but relaxation it becomes serious business when we know that the newest episode is uploaded on Hulu plus. Thanks to an action fill yet hilarious episode 5, I felt the need to make a tiny version of bunny-chan(they need to create a tiger-chan as well. It would seriously make my day). This was my first attempt and I’m seeing a ton of things that need to be changed (most of which I did in the second). Also the color isn’t right just yet. I’m thinking of making a few as cell charms for Otakon. Besides the Katamari Prince, I rarely make fan pieces. I know that there is a huge fan base in Japan, but here? Who knows. They also make great plush sized toys for the little Yo-sd guys^o^