It’s been a while since I last posted. I need to get into the habit of blogging again. Currently still working on my Philly links. Things either got busy, crazy or very tiring this weekend. Here are just a few things I wanted to post about. Most of them have no relation to the other but what ever…

-Chan had to make a mini emergency visit to the vets on friday. Nothing serious but the Mr came home to a rather surreal experience of seeing a happy little pug, wagging his tail and jumping around with the left side of his back covered in blood… It sounds horrible but honestly everything is okay.

-Went to the MD Herb Festival on Sat and picked up some new items for the garden. We’ll see if they survive the heat wave we’ve been getting the last several day (plus the next several we’re suppose to continue to get… I hate summer…). I’m so happy with my garden this year. So far thing aren’t over whelming… yet. I actually want to spend time in it this year. Though, I must be a sight for my neighbors. I spend the mornings crouched over my peony trees looking for micro snail shells (I don’t know where the fascination comes from really… I’m such a city girl). I’ve found four so far… would have had five but one tried to sneak away when I wasn’t looking.

-I’ve been knitting up a storm (is that actually news at this point?… it seems to be the only thing I do now a days). I’ve been working on a new pattern that can be added to the list of “silly thing to knit for your dolls”. Once I finish blocking it I promise to post photos. I also have Kelsey’s hat which is going to rock once I figure out the last bits (complicated structure). All in all I’m having fun knitting and I’m going to be quite busy for some time. Otakon is coming up and right now I have the bag of “princely” pieces out in the project basket.

-The mr and I have been watching a ton of Hulu Plus. So far our weekly viewing (meaning it comes out in Japan and we get it a week later subbed) has been Toriko: think DBZ meets Iron Chef meets Wild Kingdom… no, really. It has to be the most ridiculous thing we’re watching right now… but it is hilariously so. The Mr has totally been loving Tiger and Bunny. I have to admit that I really like this one as well. Modern day, “sponsored” super heroes fighting crime for reality TV. Sounds weird but it’s really good. And finally Blue Exorsist. This is good so far. As for just me… I’m still watching Slam Dunk. At first I wanted to say “how embarrassing”. I avoided it for years(even though Kodaka sensei has done a few doujinshi related to what is now one my favorite anime character… opps did that just slip). I’m not a fan of basketball let alone know how to play the game… but the show has me rolling so much at times(it’s so old school anime too… love it). The thing that makes it worse is the fact that, because I live under a rock, I just put two and two together that Takehiko Inoue created Slam Dunk… (how dense have I been?). To me his work on Vagabond is amazing… Gorgeous, gorgeous art. I never got into the manga because 1. it’s a very serious story and right now I can’t do serious and 2. its a long series (I think they are up to 33… maybe?) and I do not need another long series to get into… but believe me, I have been tempted. But for now I’ll be admiring the art books. Which is how I spotted this gem on Ebay and how I had my “how stupid am I” moment. His style for Slam Dunk is much more anime than his later pieces but his original character designs for the series are still pretty amazing. I seriously love his work… Which gets me into even more trouble with this show.

-Did I mention that it’s hot here (upper 90’s all this week) and how I can’t stand summer? If I didn’t want to wish a huge part of the year away I would totally wish for fall right now. I hate summer….