Maryland Sheep and Wool Fastival 2011

If you weren’t able to guess why I had disappeared this past week, the MD Sheep and Wool Festival was this weekend. Every single free minute I had was spent either working on my entry for the skein and clothing contest or knitting sheep. I got very little sleep. It was all worth it though. I had such a great time working the Mark Supik and Company booth, teaching how to use a nostepinne and how to darn sock, talking to festival goers and just spending time with the family and friends. The weather was so perfect (except with a poor choice of shoes I had decided to wear on Saturday… after a rain storm the night before and morning dew, my feet were pretty wet most of the day. I am such a city girl-_-) and our table could not be located in a better place. I sadly did not snag any photos but the Mr did so as soon as he gets some free time to edit them I’ll be sure to post some here.

Now on to the important stuff, like what I spent my hard earned money on….

This year I bought more tools. After my purchase of raw Border Leicester last year I learned that I was going to need more tools than just a drop spindle. So here are my goodies:

Fiber, clockwise starting from the top left: 3 ounces of solid block merino roving, mohair/silk yarn (mohair sweaters of course) and 2lbs of raw Border Leicester (This is so pretty in person. There are at least three different colors going on here<3. Tools, clockwise from top left: Thomas Creation Tiny turkish spindle (did not get at the festival... it's just there for scale), Jenkins Turkish Delight and Jenkins basic spindle, A 12 inch niddy noddy and Ashford mini carders. I plan on spinning lots of wool for doll knits as for the multiple spindles... well after a long search, since one of these was on the top of my must-have-list and after being directed to the correct vendor (thank you again Nancy) I was stuck on these two. I wanted a larger one for plying but the smaller one was cute and delicate looking. I could not leave both behind... so there you have it. Miss Kelsey of EatToast was there with her lovely collection of sculpted sheep and a few new items all of which I could not pass up:

I also purchased a bird which I could not find when this photo was taken. Some of these I will keep and some are going to be gifts. Kesley had put up two of her sheep pictures into the contest and won both first and second on her category… how awesome is that! As for me, this was my first time entering any of my knits in a contest so I didn’t have much hope (despite me being rather happy with my pieces) but… I entered two and both won for third and fourth.

How exciting is that? I promise to post better photos this week and give more details.

As for my sheep… well I didn’t get all of them finished before the show so there was a lot a knitting and attaching between demos. They all sold by the way. The only photo I got was taken thursday night…

Masamune thought he had a chance against the sheep but in the end the sheep won… oh well for him.

So with the festival over with, my plans are to play catch up with web stuffs. I also have a ton of knitting projects in the works. Hito’s sweater is very close to being finished (I’m finally on the cables now). Also, a birthday is this week and I’m in a bit of a rush to get something done. I know I’ll be finished the day of but getting it out… another story. I’ve started spinning for human sized items for the Merry Mart and doll items (I’ve already beening thinking of next years Sheep and wool festival)on top of all that there are a few knitted request (not quite commissions) and speaking of shows… I have Otakon to get working on. Goodness, So much to do, so little time. All this plus some silly doll stuff. If I pace myself I can get it all done but I think the main thing for this week is catch up on sleep…. and watch a ton of Slam Dunk… yeah I’m going thereO_o