Snail Shell

While I was checking up on the garden this morning I spotted this very tiny snail sliding his way to find shelter from the sun. He must have been no more than a centimeter long. The shell on his back was crazy tiny. I didn’t think anything of it since he was small. What damage can he do, right? Well later on this afternoon I went out again and spotted a shell even tinier than the small visitor’s shell this morning, that was laying underneath one of the peony trees. I was reading that ants like to carry these shells away so I considered this to be a wonderful find. Of course I brought it in (doll prop for Haru). Now I say “wonderful find” but really snails are no good (no matter how cute they are) so I’m going to keep an eye on the garden and see I really have a problem or not. If so I’ll find some way to keep them out. I hear they’ll avoid crushed egg shells and coffee. Two thing we have plenty of.

I had a wonderful weekend. I had spent a lot of time with my mom. Friday we did a bit of cooking (soft pretzels and olive with artichoke focaccia) and dying Easter eggs with Miss P and Sunday we went over for dinner and watched MST3K: Cave Dwellers with my brother. My mom and I have a very similar sense of humor so I knew she would enjoy it as much as I did (it seriously is the worst movie ever but the best MST3K episode). On both days I found myself walking home with the pug in the pouring rain. He hates rain so he fights with me to get home(he doesn’t get that the faster you walk the faster you get home… grrr). Either way it was still very nice and a bit tiring. I should be going to bed since tomorrow is my first day back to work after four day weekend.