Fresh Picked Ranunculas and Playing in the Rain

Fresh picked from the garden last night.

My dad being a Civil War reenactor, was in a procession in remembrance of the 150th anniversary of the Pratt Street riots and the first blood shed in the war. I don’t get to see my dad in his uniform that often so this was an event for me. Despite the horrible weather(it poured the entire time), the march still went on and it was great to see my dad march with his fellow reenactors. The original plan was to camp out at Fort McHenry but due to the ran everyone gets to sleep in the actual fort itself (rather exciting if you ask me). Tomorrow the Mr, my mom and I are going to walk up to the fort to catch some of the events that will be going on. Thankfully the weather is going to be chilly and a little cloudy… and that is it.

Finished a sweater this evening that left me with just a few inches of yarn left. I don’t know if I hate the fear of running out just as I’m binding off or I secretly enjoy the challenge… either way it’s finished and I didn’t have to worry about ordering yarn at the last minute only to find out that it was from a different dye lot.