Koide Studio cup

One of the several things I collect is Japanese style tea cups. It’s still a small collection but it’s slowly growing. A few weeks back I spotted Koide Studio on Etsy and feel in love with the pieces this artist had made. A week later this piece showed up and I snatched it up as fast as I could. It is so adorable. It’s hard to see from the first photo but at the very bottom of the cup are little fish swimming about with a curious kitten looking down. So cute. With all of these pretty and adorable cups and mugs I received or purchased I think I need to start looking for cute little dishes to go with them. I’m always using my boring old vintage plates for my cookies and tea biscuits.

I had a great dinner at the Laughing Pint this evening(it was taco night) with both my aunt and uncle and fiber guru Nancy of Spinnit. The main discussion was the Sheep and Wool Festival. The shop will be there again this year but with a few new surprises. I’m really excited. I think it will be a lot of fun this year. Plus, after going last year I know what to expect from the festival so this year I will be prepared… Wool here I come.

By the way, it seems that as I was busy taking photos of my new cup I came across a macaroon thief…
I don’t think so little man.