Totoro Mits and Hibernating bees

I finally started on the Totoro mittens this evening. Only a month late. I took some lousy photos of the first one… but really, they were lousy. I’ll wait in the morning to retake them. We’ll see how the lighting goes. It’s suppose to snow in the morning.

So far they are okay. I’m using a DK weighted yarn. A little heavier than what I’ve been using lately. All of my current projects are being knitted on size 1us down to 3/0us needles. Knitting these mits is like knitting with broom sticks. I’ll get used to it eventually. I can’t wait until they are done. The pattern is super cute.

Sometime last year someone donated a few long pieces of pine to the shop. My uncle pulled them out recently to cut them up for demos. Each one of them had these perfectly round tunnels running through out. Each one connecting. In a few of the entrances you can spot a bee or two peeking out or flashing a rear end. When the pieces were cut it was little bit on the warm size so what I thought were deceased bees were actually hibernating. These little guys were waking up and very sluggish. The most they were doing was bobbing in and out of the tunnels. They were quite funny to watch. The one above was awake when I snapped his photos. Another thing to add to the long list of odd sights at the shop.